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Concentrated Latex

Our Latex is available in various standardized specifications according to your company’s requirement. Our latex is used by wide range of customers such as manufacturers of gloves, condoms, latex threads, rubber foam, adhesives, etc. In 2021, Production capacity was expanded to 3,500 metric tons of concentrated latex per month with 33 centrifuge machines.

Packaging & Delivery Options

Tank Container

Up to 18-22 metric tons per one 20ft container tank. Only available for local or domestic deliveries.

New Drum

Each drum contains 205 kg net of latex, where full container load consists of 80 drums or 16.40 metric tons in total.


Each pouch contains 18-2 metric ton of latex and will be placed in ISO tank container. This packaging keeps latex as a uniform composition, where it is recommended when you opt for a more cost-effective and sustainable alternative.


One pallet holds about 1 metric ton of latex, where a full container can accommodate 20 pallets or up to 20 metric tons this option offers a cost-effective and a convenient handling with low waste.

Note: Drum, Flexibag, Pallet shipments can be loaded from Songkhla or Penang Port

Common Products

Medical Glove



Latex Pillow

Latex Tubing

Infant Latex Products